Hey Everyone,

Can you believe it? 9,800 miles flown and 6,260 pictures later, I am home after almost 14 months on the road. Hawaii was great, got to see and stay with friends and but mostly just plain relaxed on the beach. Now I am back in Atlanta actually having now to think about a career direction. I am dreading it.

Below are also some answers to questions you probably have for me. If you are planning a trip, let me know and I can help with any other answers.
Thanks again for putting up with all of my travel logs. I hope you enjoyed reading them as I have enjoyed doing the things in them.

Hope to hear from you soon.

All the best, MIKE

Top Ten Places Visited:

Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Everest Base Camp, Nepal
Sipadan, Borneo
Hill Tribes - Sapa, Vietnam
Whitsunday Islands, Australia
Mount Kinabalu, Borneo
Milford Sound, New Zealand
Nam-tso Lake, Tibet
Varanasi, India
Bagan, Myanmar

Best Thrills:

Getting my Paragliding License, NZ
White Water Rafting, Nepal
Caving, New Zealand
Boogie Boarding on a Whitewater River, NZ
Diving, Sipadan (Borneo)
Bungee Jumping, New Zealand

Best Trekking:

14 Days - Everest Base Camp, Nepal
4 Days - Milford Trek, New Zealand
3 Days - Tiger Leaping Gorge, China
2 Days - Mount Kinabalu, Borneo
4 Days - Hill Tribes, Sapa, Northern Vietnam
Best One Day Hike:
Tongairo Crossing, New Zealand

Most Bizarre Event:
Sky Burial In Tibet

Most Impressive Sight:
Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Worst roads:
Cambodia, Tibet

Country I wish I Had Spent More Time In:

Best Guesthouse:
Hilltop Backpackers, NZ

Best Beach:
Whitehaven Beach, Whitsundays Australia

Worst Guesthouse:
Phortse Tenge, Himalayas, Nepal

Best Party:
Full Moon - Koh Phangan, Thailand

Most Expensive GH:
Chungking Mansions, HongKong ($8 for a Dorm Bed)

Scariest Moments:
Capsizing Thai Ferry Boat
Getting Hit by a Bus in Tibet

Best Habits I Picked Up:
Watching My Stuff and Sleeping at The Same Time;
Remembering to Bring Toilet Paper EVERYWHERE

Best Books I Read:
All 4 Harry Potter Books

Worst Toilets:
Chinese Boat on Yangtse River

Best Food:
Thailand and India

Cheapest Guesthouse:
Coconut Inn, Goa, India ($.75 for a Room)

Best Dish:
Nam Soed (Minced Pork)

Most Impressive Buddha:
Lying Buddha, Wat Po, Bangkok

Best Rice:
Lao Sticky Rice

Longest Single Journey:
42 hours on a Train in India

Best Pizza:
Fire & Ice (Kathmandu)

Most Colorful Dress:
Hill Tribe Women in Vietnam

Worst Food:

Country I Worry Most About:

Most Exotic Food I Tried:
Mutton Hoof Stew (Burma)
Intestine Curry (Burma)

Most Capitalist Countries:
Communist Vietnam and
Communist China

Food I'm Glad I Did Not Have To Try:
Burmese Curried Dung Beetle Larvae

Country I'd Like To Return To Right Away:

Best Milkshakes:
Perhentians, Malaysia

Most Beautiful Sunset:
Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Best Beer:
Beer Lao, Laos

Best Sailboat:
SISKA IV - Whitsunday Islands

Worst Drink:
Yak Butter Tea, Tibet

Greatest Number of Temples:
Bagan, Burma (2200+)

Most Relaxing Place:
Luang Prabang, Laos

Best Hot Springs:
Rotorua, New Zealand

Most Hectic Place:
Hanoi, Vietnam

Most Brutal Sport:
Thai Kick Boxing

Most Spiritual Place:

Cleanest Place:
Singapore and Christchurch, NZ

Least Spiritual Place:

Dirtiest Place:
Varanasi, India

Cutest kids:
Laos and Burma

Most Scams:

Best Massage:
$2 massage in Laos

Best Music:
Full Moon Party (Thailand)

Best Stars:
Everest Base Camp, Nepal

Best Sounds:
Night in the Daintree Rainforest, Australia

Best Travelers' Invention:
Internet cafes

Nosiest Place:
Khaosan Road, Bangkok

What I Missed Most:
Friends Back Home

Most Educational Museum:
War Crimes Museum, Ho Chi Min City

Best Karaoke:
HaLong Bay, Vietnam

Cutest Animal:
The Orang-u-tan, Borneo

Best Investments:
Digital Camera (Powershot S20)
6 Gig MP3 Player (Nomad)
Palm Pilot Keyboard

Best Skills Learned:
How to haggle;
How to ignore people calling me
without feeling guilty

Worst Investment:
Not Selling Any Stocks In The Last Year

Best Cave:
Niah Cave, Sabah - Borneo

Funniest Moment:
Drinking with Thai Fishermen at 2AM
and Knowing Only 3 Common Words

4WD Vehicle I Would Buy:
Toyota's Land Cruiser

Cheapest Countries:
India and Burma

Most Packed Vehicles:
Burmese Buses

Most expensive:

Best Rickshaws:
Thailand (they can do pop wheelies)

Best Decision:
To Go On This Journey

Car You Couldn't Give Me:
Indian built Ambassador

Best Advice: "Just Do It!"

Biggest Regret: Not Staying Longer

Preparation For This Trip: None


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revised NOVEMBER 2008